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Congratulations to Lewisham for being th eBorough of Culture for London 2022 (LLBOF22). Seven Poet Trees is pleased to be part of the (LLBOF22) and as part of stay in alignment with Lewisham’s Green Commitment and Creative Culture, Seven Poet Trees will highlight the importance of exploring the climate science perspective of tree planting and its wider effects within an area.

We are working in close partnership with Lewisham Borough Council’s Tree Officer to highlight the value of the work in the custodianship of the borough's natural environment and use the poetry spoken word/literature participatory component of the project to spark conversations around tree planting to lower the urban heat island effect, provide for biodiversity and enhance mental health.

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The Agreement

Working with LLOBC

Centering the poly-cultural residents of LLBoC22 this intergenerational participatory pilot will connect local residents to the council’s greening service, to local community sustainability groups &  local museum services and story tell the history & symbiotic relationship between the local community enjoyment and need of nature in their environment for well being, for leisure and for preservation of the environmental health of the atmosphere, for humans and for the wildlife in the area.

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