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Our Big Why

The symbiotic relationship between trees and humans has been catalogued in many cultures across time. Throughout the world, in all times, humans have pictured, in one form or another the imaginative image of the tree; the Cosmic Tree or Tree of Life; the Tree of Fertility; the Tree of Ascent; the Inverted Tree; the Tree of Knowledge; the Tree of Sacrifice; the Tree of History; the Tree of Inner Necessity.  In the ancient and archaic world, the tree is revered not for itself only, but because it reveals the workings of an inner power or sacred force.  

A Celebration of the Relationship between Human Society and Tree Communities

Contemporary science indicates that plants ‘know’ much more than we may imagine, to the point that it is proven plants clearly have the ability to retain past events and to recall this information at a later period for integration into their developmental framework.  Plants share nutrients with different species, and recognise kin.  They can feel touch.  They communicate with each other.  


Over the last few decades, scientific studies show that trees are social beings exercising interdependence through root systems and exchange of nutrients, and helping out neighbouring trees that may be struggling.  This leads to the conclusion that woodland and forests are super-organisms with evolved interconnections.  There are parallels with human communities.  


Potentially, the ethical standing of plants is being readdressed. The knowledge of Indigenous peoples embraces custodial ritual complexes, and Indigenous cultures have sophisticated protocols that are research protocols, in a sense, for learning from the plants.  They respect plants as teachers.  

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Some Science

Science shows how trees improve air quality, lower the urban heat island effect, provide for biodiversity and enhance mental health. The case for radically planting more trees in our cities is gathering traction and partnerships between agencies and communities are growing.  

We are in a time when six of nine planetary boundaries have been breached, the UK is one of the worst countries worldwide for nature depletion and our cities continue to cause premature death due to air-borne pollution.

The time to act is now.

Our Aim

an intergenerational, cross-cultural, cross-artform and inclusive experience, recognising and paying homage to our dependence, love for and wisdom gathered from trees in our local areas. 

"But deep down, at the molecular heart of life, the trees and we are essentially identical."

- Carl Sagan -


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